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Aqua Patch Asphalt Repair

Aqua Patch Asphalt Repair

AQUA PATCH is a "permanent" pothole patching water activated cold mix asphalt. When you can't get a hot mix, AQUA PATCH should be the first choice for bagged cold mix asphalts as it's water-activated instead of bitumen and can be applied in rain or shine. 

Aqua Patch cures fast in only 4-6 hours and is one of the only cold mixes that can be applied at freezing temperature for a quick "throw and roll" installation. 

AQUA PATCH is ideal for use by:

  • State Department of Transportation
  • Municipalities
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Maintenance Contractors
  • Commercial Properties
  • Condominiums, Apartments
  • Malls & Hospitals
  • Golf course ground keepers