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Anti Slip Mat Waterproof - 3' x 10' roll


Slip-resistant waterproof matting is perfect for reducing slips, falls, and injuries caused by wet and slippery surfaces. This high-traffic matting is 3/8" thick and is designed for busy pedestrian walkways. 

Gain peace of mind knowing your patrons, friends, and loved ones are less susceptible to falling on wet or slick surfaces. 

This high traffic matting is commonly used on outdoor concourses, walkways, steps/stairs, and on bridges because it provides needed under-foot traction while draining water away.

Common Applications:

  • Golf Course Walkways, Steps, & Bridges
  • Country Club Entries and Concourses
  • Splash Park and Aquatic Center Decking
  • Boat Marinas and Docks
  • Dog Kennel Flooring 

Cleans easily with sweeping or can be hosed down. 

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3' x 10' mat sold individually