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Hunter Panels XCi Foil Polyisocyanurate

Hunter Panels XCi Foil Polyisocyanurate

Xci Foil is an exterior wall insulation panel composed of a rigid Polyisocyanurate foam. This insulation board is sandwiched in reflective tri-laminate foil facers on both sides to provide continuous insulation with high thermal density R-Value within the building envelope. 

Class A panels are for ideal use in Residential and Light Commercial wall applications and can be installed standard wood framing, FRT wood, steel studding, CMU, and concrete without the need for gypsum or other sheathings. 

XCi Foil is compatible with wood, Fiber cement, aluminum, vinyl, or hardboard sidings in wood frame construction. 

Xci Foil is not suitable for exposed interior applications.

XCi Foil is designed to provide a continuous insulation (ci) system and is a critical element for Weather Resistant Barrier for air, vapor, and moisture in wall assemblies.  

Panels come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1.0" to 4.5".  See below for full product line 

Xci Foil is an energy efficient rigid insulation panel composed of a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core manufactured on-line to an impermeable foil facing material. It is designed for use in commercial and residential wall applications to provide continuous insulation within the building envelope.