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Versetta Stone Siding Mortarless Panels

Faux stone panels for residential applications have become very popular with DIY homeowners over the last years. Of the mortarless siding products on the market few can compare with Versetta Stone. 

Versetta Stone is the premier mortarless siding solution for residential and commercial exteriors and interior fireplace applications. These faux stone panels made of cast concrete offer the look of hand placed stacked stone masonry and can be installed by nearly anyone in minutes without any unsightly joints. Each flat or corner panel measures 8 inches tall and 36 inches long.

This faux siding is perfect for any contractor or DIY homeowner as the installation process is fast and doesn't require any messy mortar or masonry skills. Each panel is equipped with a metal flange on the top and can be easily screwed or nailed into place in minutes.

Versetta Stone Siding Exterior House Material Warehouse

Versetta Stone Mission Point on residential exterior

Versetta Stone Siding where to buy material warehouse

Fill out the Versetta Project Quote Form and get a custom quote for your project 

How to Buy Versetta Stone

Purchasing Versetta Stone is very straightforward. We offer 6 pack bundle cartons that will cover 24SF, however since every project is a custom job we offer project based quotes. Here is the process to get your next Versetta project quoted and ready to go. 

  • Measure your project - Fill out the Versetta Project Quote Form > 
  • Receive a custom quote - Recieve custom project quote 1 business day after form submission
  • Complete checkout - Use custom web-link or complete checkout over the phone
  • Pick up the material - Will call Versetta from on of our regional warehouses

Where can I get Versetta Stone Siding?

The Versetta stone siding product is available for pick up at one of our many regional warehouses. Each warehouse is set up to where you schedule a time to come pick up the product after purchase and we'll help you load it onto your truck or trailer.
Please note that these locations are NOT retail showrooms with the product displayed, but are just distribution centers.  If you're looking for a better idea of what the material looks like then please visit the Versetta Project Gallery to get an idea of what each Versetta Profile and Color look like.  
We do not ship Versetta as it can crack if mishandled over long periods of transit. 

Versetta Stone Warehouse Locations:

  • Spokane, WA
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Butte, MT
  • Billings, MT
  • Limon, CO
  • Brandon, SD
  • Rapid City, SD
  • Lakeville, MN
  • Eau Claire, WI
  • Schofield, WI
  • West Branch, IA
  • Stuart, IA
  • New Century/Gardner, KS
  • Jacksonville, IL
  • Rochelle, IL
  • Murfreesboro, TN
  • Hamburg, PA
Versetta Stone Siding Warehouse Locations Material Warehouse

    **Note, stock levels change regularly. Please contact our sales and support team to discuss your project and confirm stock in a particular location. 

Versetta Stone Siding Panels

Versetta Stone Siding panel Material Warehouse

Versetta Stone Flat & Corner Panels

Most projects will require a mix of both flat and corner panels assuming that there are ninety degree angles on your project. Each Versetta Stone panel measures eight inches tall and is thirty six inches long for a total square footage of two square feet. Offered in two panel packs of four square feet.

To know the proper mix of panels along with any accessories needed for your project please use the Versetta Stone Quote Form > and answer a few questions on your project and our team will respond back with a custom quote.  This process typically takes 1 business after the form has been submitted. If you have submitted a form an haven't heard back  

Flat Panels

Flat panels are engineered to lay against the flat sections of wall and come with machine cut ends so when they butt up against each other they fit snug and hide any vertical joints. The metal flange on top of each panel enables fastners to secure it to both studs and backing board.
Each panel measures 8" tall by 36" long and is ~1.5-2" thick.  

Versetta Stone Flat Panel Diagram

Versetta Stone Flat wall panels

Universal Corner Panels

Corner panels are designed to cover outside edge corners. These universal corner panels are produced with natural rock finished edges so that it provides the look of real stone masonry without having to hire a mason or deal with any of the mess that comes with mortared stone projects. 
Universal corner panels measure 8" tall, 36" wide and 1.5-2" thick.  

Versetta Stone Corner panel diagram

Versetta Stone Universal Corner panels

Versetta Styles Ledgestone or Tight-Cut

It can be challenging deciding on all the options for your exterior siding or fireplace cladding project. With Versetta we've there are only two choices you need to make: 

  • What style do I want? Ledgestone or Tight-Cut
  • What color looks best? Mission Point, Plum Creek, Sand, Sterling, Terra Rosa, or Northern Ash

There are two profile style choices when selecting the Versetta Stone. The Tight-Cut style and also the Ledgestone style. Each profile is suitable for either residential or commercial applications and largely comes down to personal preference. The Ledgestone has a more natural stacked stone look while the tight-cut gives the appearance of neatly square cut uniformity.

Below are two charts showing each of Versetta's six colors in both the ledgestone and tight-cut styles so you can see the difference between the two.  

Versetta Ledgestone

The Ledgestone style is identified by is more natural stacked stone appearance. This style provides more intentional variation in both the height of stones and the length of stones.
Ledgestone has been likened to the appearance of the stone on a fireplace mantle in a cabin. Though is it commonly used for fireplace cladding it is also extremely popular for exterior residential applications. 

Versetta Sone Ledgestone Color Panel Mission Point, Plum Creek, Sand, Sterling, Terra Rosa, Northern Ash

Versetta Tight-Cut

Versetta's Tight-Cut style can be spotted by its distinct square lines and tightly fitting appearance.
The Tight-Cut profile offers the look of a quarried rock and has less variation in the height and lenght of the stones. It has a more sophisticated and put together aesthetic and can has been found on multi-family dwellings and commercial exteriors in addition to residential projects. 

Installation of Flat and Corner Panels - 2 Min

DIY Full Install Guide - 13 Min 

Install Tips and Tricks - 3 Min

Speedy installation demo - 50 sq ft in 15 min

Documentation and Downloads

Installation Instructions

Versetta Stone Installation Guide >

Versetta Maintenance Guide

Maintenance Guide >

Paint Match Guide for Cut Ends

Spray Paint Matching Guide >

Versetta Stone Frequently Asked Questions:

The following are a list of our more commonly asked questions for Versetta Stone:

How can I tell the difference between a Versetta Flat panel and a Versetta Corner panel?

The Versetta Stone Flat panels have a black painted metal flange on the top while the Versetta Corner panels have a maroon color flange. the color difference is an easy way to distinguish between the flats and corner panels while they are still in the carton packages

Should I install the panels with nail gun or by screws, which is better?

Installation of Versetta Stone panels can be done with either nails or screw and both fasteners work well to secure the panels to the wall. However, using Versetta fastener screws will enable you to more easily remove panels in the future should you ever need to remove the panels due to home repair. 

Can I get Versetta shipped to my job-site?

It is not recommended to ship Versetta Stone as the product can be damaged in transit if it is not packaged and handled properly. At this time Versetta is only available for pick up from one of our regional warehouses. 


Versetta Stone material sales are final and are ineligible to be returned to the warehouse after purchase. 

Versetta Stone by Color

Offered in six color options Versetta Stone has the look to match your particular project.  

Mission Point

Versetta Stone Mission Point Ledgestone

Plum Creek 

Faux siding plum creek ledgestone


White stone facade siding ledgestone sand


Exterior mortarless siding versetta ledgestone sterling

Terra Rosa

Mortarless stone veneer siding versetta legestone terra rosa

Northern Ash

Black stone siding panels versetta northern ash charcoal

Versetta Stone Accessories 

Versetta Stone Color Gallery

Exterior Siding Gallery 




Versetta Stone faux siding, tight-cut terra rosa on residential home

Tight Cut Terra Rosa

Versetta Stone fireplace ledgestone sand interior


Fireplace Project Gallery




Commercial Applications Gallery



Ledgestone Plum Creek

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