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Ground Protection Mat 4ft x6ft Blue

SKU AD-4x6

Ground Protection Mats are constructed of durable blue colored HDPE plastic.

These tough mats are ideal for reinforcing the ground on unstable surfaces such as mud or sandy areas. They are commonly found at beachfront properties and resorts, providing access to waterfront areas.

Each multi-purpose panel serves as an excellent temporary or permanent pedestrian pathway and is wheelchair accessible ADA compliant. Mat/Panels can be joined together to create decking or elongated pathways. 

Size: 48" wide x 72" long x 1" thick 

Weight: 69 lbs/Mat

This dual-sided panel serves a different situation. One side has a tread that is ADA friendly for wheelchair and pedestrians. Simultaneously, the other surface provides additional traction to the ground, which is geared toward larger vehicle traffic, ATV's or machine equipment. 

Ground Protection Mats can be interlocked to create walkways or decking surfaces and are light enough to pick up and move when needed easily.  Connectors are sold separately.

Contact us with any questions, and one of our product specialists will be glad to assist.