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Refractory Mortar for Crematoriums - Heat Cast 40


Crematoriums and incinerators require high-heat castable mortar solutions and Heat Cast 40 is the perfect refractory cement product for these environments. As a castable product, it can be used instead of firebrick or unique spaces that require a bit more customization. 

This product is offered in a 40 lb. bag of dry mix, with a coverage rate of 20 lbs/1 square foot at 2 inches thick. A full bag of Heat Cast 40 will cover 2 square feet at 2 inches thick.  Application is not recommended for thinner than 1.5" thick. 

The 40-pound bag of dry mix will cover approximately 2 square feet at two inches thick. Depending on the situation, it can be cast or toweled in place. Heat Cast 40 should be applied no thinner than 1.5" thick to maintain integrity. 

Crematoriums frequently get up to 1,800 degrees F.

For estimating purposes, approximately 20 lbs. will cover one square ft., two inches thick.

This product meets the ASTM C-401 Class B standard and is non-water soluble while in service. As a castable refractory product, it handles exceptionally high temperatures of over 2,000 degrees.


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Heat Cast 40 lb. bags are sold individually. A full pallet contains 64 bags.