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Rubber Playground Border Edging - 4in x 4in x 8ft


Rubber Playground Edging by Rubberific is the perfect finishing touch to a backyard playset or park play area. These flexible rubber Timbers are designed to outlast traditional wood edging for border landscapes and playgrounds. 

Each timber is 100% recycled rubber made in the USA and engineered with drain-weep ports preventing water pooling in flower beds or playgrounds. Rubberific playground edging is easily installed by drilling three holes into the timber and securing it to the ground with a 12" metal pin. 

They are made to compliment NuPlay and GroundSmart Rubber Mulch with four colors to choose from Redwood, Earthtone, Black, & Forest Green. 

A full pallet (qty8) of 4"x4"x8 foot long Timbers will cover 64' linear feet of edging. 

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Pricing is per individual rubber timber unit. 

Minimum quantity purchase of 4 units.