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TremGrip Construction Adhesive


The TremGrip Construction Adhesive, including Evolve Stone mortarless stone veneer panels, is ideal for gluing FRP to stone, brick, concrete, or other hard surfaces that a nail gun cannot go through. 

TremGrip adhesive is primarily used when adhering to a concrete or stone surface backing. 

Please view our entire collection to find Evolve Stone's line, including standard Evolve Stone and non-fire-rated products. 


Typical advice is to use two to three 10oz tubes of TremGrip per 14.25 sq ft box of Evolve Stone to guarantee adequate adhesion for your stone project.

TremGrip and other Evolve Stone Accessories are not sold separately and must accompany a complete Evolve Stone order. Returns are not accepted for Evolve Stone products or accessories.